Wednesday, August 1, 2007

...And Now It's Time for Lunch

It sure can't come and go in a peaceful manner. There has always got to be some form of problem. I guess you can't expect much else when you have five adults and six kids: kids ages 8 and under. The restaurant only had one child seat and boosters, when we had two babies needing a seat. The booster went to Sam, who couldn't seat still for five seconds. I am cautiously approaching the disaster we call our son, Sam. All was well for the first fifteen or twenty minutes. The food was ordered and drinks were on the table. I was feeding Clare her bottle and the rest were hunky dory. Sam proceeded to get out of the booster when it tipped over. He hit his mouth on the chair next to him. Bleeding now, he screams at the top of his lungs. I have to had Clare over to mommy, meanwhile, the waiter is trying to help Sam up. That wasn't happening. I held him and he blew out my right ear drum screaming. Any of this ever happen to you.
Well, the food finally arrived and it was french fries and "Chepup" (ketchup) for Sam. Happy now, he ate in peace and we moved on with our lunch.

Lunch is always a...treat?!

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