Friday, January 1, 2010

Poor at Updates

Seeing as how no one reads this or comments, and the social networking sites allow us to comment and update our daily lives, I haven't sen it necessary to keep this up to date. But today. I thought it would be a New Years resolution to update you for the first week and then give up again.

Elise: A fifth grader who's business is being the teenager she wishes to be. Singing all the songs from the radio with precision. Smart as a whip and clueless as a Kelly Green. Love her with allmy might and continue to be surprised by her.

Jack: As a 3rd grader he is the size of a first grader. The body is growing but the mind sure is. He is quick and capable. Comprehends much more than I ever did. Loves football, but lacks the size.

Tommy: This boy is almost genius. We started him on piano this year and he has flourished. He is reading music very well and doesn't even look at the keys. He teaches himself songs and practices multiple times a day.

Sam: He is our cross to bear, but worth every minute. Sam challenges our patience and ability to love without condition. He draws us close to God by drawing us further from our comfort zone. He is a second year pre-schooler and is finally coming into his own.

Clare: This little princess is 3 years old today. She has become quite the character. As of today, we are diaper free. For the first time in 10 1/2 years I am not going to have to buy diapers.

Jerry and Dexter: Our newest additions. Jerry is a Lab basset mix. We call him a Lab-ass. A goofy dog with a big heart. Dexter is a Santa (mistake) kitten from the in-laws farm. The kids love him and play with him.

Maybe this year I can pass on some wisdom and someone will listen.

As for now, God's blessing to you this new year.