Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge Collapse

Yesterday in the Twin Cities a bridge collapsed. This is only 80 miles from where we live. Mommy and Daddy were stuck on the TV keeping up to date on all the things going on. It was hard to watch and have your kids watch with you. It was like 9/11 news coverage all over again. However, the trauma isn't so severe.
My problem is explaining the whole ordeal to my kids when we drive over a bridge. Jack, has been up too many nights worried about a fire in the house ever since a pre-school visit to a fire station where they warned about fire safety. Then we go to the Black Hills and see numerous hillsides blackened from fire in the recent weeks. Then a 600 acre fire while we were there. So sleeping that night was a little sparse with him. But eventually he fell asleep and stayed asleep. I am worried about the dreams and visions they will have after seeing this bridge fallen into the Mississippi River. As I write this and think, I stop and wonder if this feeling of mortality with the fires and bridges will help them consider their own mortality and keep them from acting like Superman (Grandma B remembers) or any other invincible hero.
Until the next trip to the hospital, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

...And Now It's Time for Lunch

It sure can't come and go in a peaceful manner. There has always got to be some form of problem. I guess you can't expect much else when you have five adults and six kids: kids ages 8 and under. The restaurant only had one child seat and boosters, when we had two babies needing a seat. The booster went to Sam, who couldn't seat still for five seconds. I am cautiously approaching the disaster we call our son, Sam. All was well for the first fifteen or twenty minutes. The food was ordered and drinks were on the table. I was feeding Clare her bottle and the rest were hunky dory. Sam proceeded to get out of the booster when it tipped over. He hit his mouth on the chair next to him. Bleeding now, he screams at the top of his lungs. I have to had Clare over to mommy, meanwhile, the waiter is trying to help Sam up. That wasn't happening. I held him and he blew out my right ear drum screaming. Any of this ever happen to you.
Well, the food finally arrived and it was french fries and "Chepup" (ketchup) for Sam. Happy now, he ate in peace and we moved on with our lunch.

Lunch is always a...treat?!

Vikings Training Camp

It has been a relatively busy morning in the Braswell clans lives today. Grandma and Grandpa D came out with Aunt Andrea and the newest nephew. They came out to see the Vikings training camp. To start, when they walked in the door Sam couldn't get to mommy fast enough to be sure she wasn't going to leave him again. He held onto her tighter than he holds his blankie. To refresh why this was, we went camping at Mt. Rushmore and left him with Baby Clare at Grandma and Grandpa's. When mommy put his seat in their car and strapped him in, Sam screamed "No mommy! Pwease! Pwease! No mommy!" It only took a few minutes of driving when they left for him to calm down, but the damage was done. So now there is a little separation anxiety. But not for dad. Sam seems all to eager to give daddy kisses and send him off to work every morning. No sadness there, nor screaming "Pwease! No daddy!" Ahh, the life of dads.

So back to training back. It was a beautiful day watching the Vikes practice, stand around and adjust themselves. And from what I understand the benches cleared and punches were thrown. No not in on offence versus defense brawl, but in a Jack Tommy Sam brawl. They have the hardest time going anywhere with out causing a complete raucous. So mommy and daddy made the next best decision. Separate them and put a good distance in between. Tommy and Sam went home while Jack stayed with Grandpa to watch. I tell you what, the Vikes better do something this year to make that one trip to training camp worth it.

Next comes lunch, but I won't go there yet...Catastrophe number 2 for the day to come.