Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of School

I need to get the photo down loaded but Elise and Jack, said Abeese and Dack by our lovely Sam. But today is their first day of school. Elise, going into third grade had a bit of the butterflies and said she had a nervous tummy. She was cute as can be. Allison braided her hair into little braids last night. That took an hour. Then this morning she took out the braids for the poodle look. So she went from being "Shaniqua" to "Poopsie" the poodle. Jack, on the other hand, was dress cool as can be. Wearing his skater friendly Tony Hawk apparel. Nothing out of the ordinary for him. He is in first grade now and will have a few little buddies in class with him.
Mom on the hand, is now officially on vacation. The summer is over and her full time job of referee has come to a close. She is now home with only 2 1/2 kids. One heads to pre-school three days a week. What a break!
I am sure the settling in will come and the kids will get used to school, but I am truly looking forward to those stories from the first day.
Only 179 more peanut butter and honey sandwiches to go!